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16 December 1988
Oh, I love way too much things to put it all here. Mind you, english is not, but really NOT my first language. I'm learning slowly but surely, so it's more than plausible if I don't make sense some times xD

So yeah, I'm a French Canadian, who's living between Montreal and her hometown (really, about 7-8 hours of roads away from Montreal)...both extremely different, but I love both. This might give you a idea of my mind lol. I love kind of everything in every domain (music, films, books,etc)... well almost. ;)

From My Chemical Romance to John Barrowman, Mika, Muse, Michael Bublé and Mes Aieux, and Lady Gaga too, my taste in music is quite eclectic, except for western. No. Really. No western. I can beg.

Same for movies and TV shows: Schindler's List, The Producers, Rent, Gran Turino, In Bruges (f**king Bruges xD). Dead like me, Dans une galaxie près de chez vous, Dark angel, Buffy...
I love drama, sci-fi (even though I don't know a lot of them), comedy - but not the average comedy for american teenagers -. I love sarcasm and irony. Action movies with humour and a GOOD plot.

Finally, I'm quite open minded (or so I've been told). Apparently, not a lot of thing bother me, except people who doesn't have an open mind and try to shove their opinions down other people's throats.
So, if you don't like gays, lesbians, bi, cross-dressers, others ethnies, people with a different styles, etc...well, go away. This is not a place for you.

This journal is mostly random ramblings from myself, or videos I like. I'm starting to play in the shiny world of icons making...we'll see where it goes. xD